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About us

Alvarez de Sá Advocacia, headquartered in Barra da Tijuca, quarter that in recent years became important commercial region of the City of Rio de Janeiro, was established by professionals of recognized experience in the accomplishment of legal assessorship for operating companies in diverse sectors of the industry and commerce, was structuralized with preponderant performance in all fields of bussiness law.

The firm is committed to reduce the client's costs, defending them in actions at law, promotes legal assessorship in questions of interest of the companies, among others activities.

The firm's basic commitment is with a standard of agile attendance and high quality technique, that presents practical and objective solutions for the problems brought for the customers.

The office makes use of a modern network, through which it keeps ample database of legal jurisprudence and doctrine, making possible total and fast access to its customers informations, through contacts for telephone, fax, email, correspondence and of the elaboration of suitable reports to the necessities of each customer.

The presentation of reports in the regularity that better to agree to its customers is part of the method of work of this office, detailing the courses of the legal actions where it acts, as well as steps that are being extrajudicially taken.